Friday, April 23, 2021

Batman to Bring Green Construction Factory to Pittsburgh

I doubt we'll see the Batmobile parked in the employee parking lot anytime soon but Batman, along with several others, has invested in a new Off-Site construction factory in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton is known for dressing in black as Batman (including in the upcoming flick “The Flash), but his newest role — starring his hometown — is decidedly more green. 

The actor announced he is partnering with Nexii Building Solutions, Inc., a Canada-based green construction technology company, to build a sustainability-based manufacturing plant in Pittsburgh that will advance what’s next in low-carbon, lower environmental impact building construction. 

Developed by Trinity Sustainable Solutions — a new entity composed of Keaton, Nexii, and Craig Rippole of the locally based Trinity Commercial Development — the plant will be the second PA location for Nexii and its sixth plant overall. 

The Pittsburgh plant, which is slated to open by 2022, specializing in low-carbon and lower environmental impact building materials could create 300 local jobs. 

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